P2P communication

The decentralised, peer to peer Streembit keeps data safe and preserves privacy without using a central server.

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The cornerstone of Streembit security is elliptic curve (ECC) public/private key cryptography infrastructure (PPKI).

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Your data is yours and we don't want it. You can control IoT devices without expensive, centralised cloud services.

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Our philosophy

Our work is driven by the belief that software should be free and accessible to all. Users should have the freedom to download, run, copy, distribute, study, share, change and improve the software for any purpose, without paying licensing fees.

Verifiable security

Proprietary solutions are not open source, they have never been peer reviewed. There is no way to tell whether or not they implement a security backdoor, or if they are even secure to begin with. Streembit is open source.

Our People

Experienced development team, project management and advisory board.


We work with universities and research institutions to create a more reliable and secure software.



Decentralized, peer-to-peer, secure communication system for humans and machines.

  • Peer-to-peer video & audio chat
  • Peer-to-peer text chat and file transfer
  • Peer-to-peer Internet of Things device control

Why Choose Streembit?

Eliminate reliance on a middleman infrastructure to enable rapid and cost-efficient scalability – moving away from the client-server model and it’s associated costs (storage, load balancers and cluster servers).

P2P communications platform allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to send secure content and conduct transactions across multiple channels without any requirement for personal information.

We don't want your data. Everyone has the right to conduct private communication with family, friends and business associates. No personal details are collected.

No server means no single point of failure. Secure communications on your own terms. No registration and contract are required to use Streembit.

You can verify there are no backdoors in Streembit and see what we install to your computer.

Average savings for your business

Achieve scalability


High availability - load balancing, clustering




Back-end software engineering


Video & audio communication, file transfer


Steembit - a system that scales


The power of peer-to-peer

Scale efficiently and rapidly from zero to 1 billion connections within 10 seconds.

Connect users.Video, audio & text chat, file sharing via WebRTC. Communicate with Internet of Things devices via peer-to-peer, without a server or cloud.

End-to-end encryption. Your communication is your business. Unlike WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and Telegram we don't use a centralised server.

Autonomous Vehicle Management

Address problems and save money for autonomous vehicle management.

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Manufacturing with less risk. No server means no single point of failure.

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We are different

Compare Streembit to popular communication and blockchain platforms.

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Latest Blogs

Internet of Things security

Streembit manages device discovery as well as authentication, access control, and provisioning of devices without using a centralized authority server.


Security is based on FIPS standard public/private key infrastructure.

Authentication and access control

Robust and powerful authentication and access control with PPKI.

Secure device upgrade

Secure peer-to-peer device communication to simplify system infrastructure.

Smart contracts

Manage IoT business relations with smart contracts. Economical, secure, and flexible.


Use the blockchain to audit device activities and comply with laws and regulations.

Decentralised trust

Novel methods to negotiate and create a Byzantine Agreement.


The Internet of Things devices and human users communicate with each other directly in a peer-to peer-manner.

Standard based

The device exposes functionalities via the Streembit network and user interface using W3C WoT standards.

Privacy via P2P

The encryption key is shared only between the user and device – never with any third parties.

Are you interested in the technical details?

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